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12 Stage Refinishing Process

1) Completely dis-assemble the entire item.

2) Adjust and repair all broken or damaged parts.

3) Where possible make minor repairs to dents, dings etc.

4) Fabricate or cast any missing replacement parts, as per prior customer approval.

5) Chemically strip the original lacquer from the parts. This prepares the parts for polishing.

6) Re-polish all parts as originally or as per customer instructions.

7) Remove all polishing compounds, using a custom designed cleaning process that does not use any harsh chemicals or solvents, which would be harmful to the environment.

8) Once cleaned, part are sprayed with a durable, low VOC lacquer.

9) Immediately after spraying parts are put into a oven and baked to achieve a deep lustrous durable finish.

10) After the lacquer has cured individual parts are inspected to insure uniform and complete lacquer coverage.

11) The item is re-assembled, all moving components are adjusted and lubricated to insure proper alignment.

12) Assembled item is inspected and shipped to the customer.

Refinishing Heading
Before refinishing

 In Five Easy Steps


 Step 1

Contact your local Church Goods Dealer with a list of items that require refinishing. They will quote the refinishing work, from pictures or when the items arrive at our facility. Refinishing will only begin upon your approval.

Shipping Case

Step 2

After your acceptance of the quote, specially designed shipping cases will be sent to you via UPS. They will include a complete set of packing instructions as well as packing material.


Step 3

Contact your local Church Goods Dealer when everything is properly packed to arrange a pick up of your valuable appointments.

Shipping Case

 Step 4

The cases will be picked up within 3 to 5 business days by UPS or a Trucking Company. If any of the cases weigh more then 150 pounds they will be picked up by truck, otherwise UPS will pick up the refinishing items.


 Step 5

Refinished merchandise will be shipped back to your church within 4 to 6 weeks from receipt of your order at our facilty.

Refinished Tabernacle

Regal Bronze has over fifty years of experience DESIGNING, MANUFACTURING, REFINISHING and REPAIRING church metal ware. Your ecclesiastical appointments will be expertly refinished by our qualified craftsmen.